P & T Physiotherapy Practice


P & T Physiotherapy Practice was founded in 1998, originally based in Crawford Street, London W1. In 1995 the Practice relocated to its present address in Weymouth Street, London, W1 which runs between Harley Street and Portland Place.

The Practice is jointly owned by Helen Pain and Claire Thompson both Chartered Physiotherapists and provides treatment for people with orthopaedic, neurological and musculoskeletal difficulties enabling each individual to achieve their best possible recovery from injury or illness.


Whilst treating acute or chronic problems we aim to provide a long term solution to difficulties; to gain optimal recovery and subsequent change to the individuals physical ability, thus improving quality of life. Education in regard to the prevention of new or further injury is an integral part of our service.

The Practice is particularly specialised in resolving more complex, multifaceted problems which may have previously been slow to resolve or have been resistant to treatment.


Due to the length of time that we have being working in this location and our particular expertise, we have extensive local knowledge of and contacts with surgeons, general practitioners, specialist consultants and orthotists, enabling first rate communication and personal care.

Treatment is only given by the two partners; we individualise care and your time will always be spent one to one. This approach allows optimal progression to be ensured.