What we do

Muscle imbalance problems
These may be acute or long standing problems and can be related to inefficient and faulty movement patterns in performing everyday living activities or related to work or sporting activities. They may also result from previous injuries that have since healed but have not yet been resolved to their optimum so problems recur.

Spinal disorders
This includes back and neck pain, whiplash, migraine problems, headaches, sciatic pain, disc problems and post spinal surgery. These problems may have a spontaneous onset with no initially obvious cause or may follow an injury.

Sports injuries
All muscle and joint sprains/strains, tendonitis and overuse injuries
Orthopaedic disorders.

Repetitive strain injuries 

Return to sport programmes

Work hardening programmes

Introduction/ education in the effective use of exercise equipment

Pre and post natal management of neck and low back pain
This includes the management of neck, low back and sciatica problems at all stages of pregnancy and post delivery and measures to avoid difficulties from developing.

We do not have the facilities to manage womens health or incontinence issues at our Practice but if patients do require any information on where to seek assistance we are able to assist.

We are unfortunately unable to provide a home visit service.